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For almost 10 years 3-D Arena was an online brokerage for 3D Content for the Poser software.  Eventually we closed the store to better focus on our own content creation and enable us to have more time for family.

Now you can find 3-D Arena products for DAZ Studio (and some items still for Poser) in the following stores:

Our History

3-D Arena is a professional Content Creator with 17+ years (since 2001) of experience in creating digital content for your runtime. You can find a variety of offerings in my store; all of which are created with care and time. Time is spent on every product created, placing value on Quality over Quantity because I want to honor the choice you make when spending in my store.

I am an ecstatically happily married wife to an amazing man (for over 25 years) & the mother of 4 children; one of which is still at home and whom we home-school. Recently we moved back to Arizona after 20 years in Virginia to take care of my mother. Family obligations will always come first to me and my job as a content creator allows me the freedom to deal with those.

If you ever have a question or even a request feel free to contact me.