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Create MAT poses from Material Room – easily!

What you will need:

Please keep in mind that I am going to outline how I do my MAT poses.  For me this is the quickest and easiest way, you may prefer a different workflow. This tutorial will work on props as well however it is written for figures, see end of tutorial for prop info.

To Start – Naturally you will start by creating your MATs and saving them into the material room.  I generally put them in a folder with the same name as they will have in the final product.  After you have finished creating your material files you will want to copy or move that folder to the Pose library.

Copy the Material room folder and paste it where you want it in the Pose library.  For example I would take “Character X”  folders and paste them into the “3-DArena” folder in the Pose library.

Altering the Files – Now open Textpad, browse to the Pose library where you put the Material files and open your MC6 files.  I do this by opening all of the MC6 files that are in a folder, so if it’s a stacked folder system with sub-folders I do them 1 folder at a time.

Now click the “Search” Tab at the top of the program and then select “Replace” (alternatively you can just click “F8″).

The replace box says “Find What” so type into that box “number 7.2” or whatever number (over 6) is shown at the top of your files.  In the “replace with” box type “number 6” (I don’t go below version 6 due to shader settings and such).

Leave the conditions the same, however in the box that says “Scope” check the radio button for “all documents” then select “Replace All“.

At this point you should notice that all of your opened documents have received an asterisk to show they have been changed.

Now, one more bit to alter!  Now in the “find what” box you will type “mtlCollection” and in the “replace with” box type “figure”.  Again make sure that you have checked the “all documents” option and click the “Replace All” button.

I want to make a brief note here, in the future when you go to do this again the text you typed should remain in your drop down, making this even faster for future conversions.

Now go to the “File” tab at the top of the program and select “Save All”  (CTRL + Shift + S) and close out Textpad.  The hard stuff is done!

Renaming - Now you just want to rename the files.  Open the CKRename software and browse to the folder with your converted MAT files.  You will see all of your files within the folder in the middle viewing pane as well as the last pane (ignore the last pane for now).  Below these windows you will see a variety of options, leave all of them at “none” as the only thing we need to deal with is “string substitution”, the last option set.

In the box that says “Replace” type “mc6” now in the next box that reads “With” type “pz2“.  In the final pane you should see how the files now look all with altered extensions.  Repeat this for any nested folders you might have and close out.

You are now done!  Once you’ve done this you will find that it is quick and easy the next time, allowing you to convert entire packages in just a few minutes.

About Props:

To do props you can follow all the instructions above except for how you alter “mtlcollection” with in Textpad.  For props you change that to “actor $CURRENT”.  You could name that the “prop [prop name]) instead if you prefer.  However you would need to open the prop in question and find the exact name the creator gave it (some use numbers in the names, some have different names).  I find it quickest to just add the “actor $CURRENT” string instead.

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