Accent your runtime… 


It’s a new year and I will be focusing more on Genesis 2 content in the future.  Since I still render mainly in Poser 2014 all mats I create will also work in Poser.

As I jump the hurdles between Poser & DAZ Studio I will post little tutorials/tips here to help others.


13 years!

Today, April 17,  is 13 years since the opening of 3-D Arena.  We’ve had some changes but we are still going strong.

So, on that note, I want to point out, that NO, we are not interested in selling this domain.  There have been many offers, with interest that pops up repeatedly several times a year. However, this domain is for a working & viable company and no, we aren’t planning to “close” anytime soon.


Penny is Here

Penny_PrPenny consists of a custom head morph, custom square nail morph & a variety of options. These will work on the base Victoria 4.2 and do not require any additional morph products. You may inject these as you choose to customize your character.

You will only need to have morphs++ and Stephanie 4 if you wish to use Penny’s body shape options. These are true injection & removal files, you will NOT need to pre-inject morphs++

View Penny HERE

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