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New Tutorial

I have uploaded a new tutorial,  Node Based Makeup - How to Use It.

This provides a pdf file explaining how to set up and use my characters with node based makeup & nail options.

Newest Releases

7th Ave: Shimmy dress for G8F

7th Ave: dForce - Asymmetric Dress for G8F

7th Ave: dForce - Train Dress for G8F

3DA Cassie Expressions

7th Ave: dForce - Summer Shift Dress for G8F

7th Ave: dForce - Fabulous Dress for G8F

3DA Cassie for Josie 8

Epic: dForce - Tadema Dress for G8F

7th Ave: dForce - Gypsy Dress for G8F

We have recently moved to a new server and are still in the process of updating the Tutorial & Free sections.

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